Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Desert Life

While we are waiting here in Chihuahua, it's been fun to see some of the different things that grow and live in the desert. One of these things is a horned lizard, or as it's commonly called here, the horny toad! Probably because it resembles a toad when small, like the one I'm holding in the picture.
This is a cholla cactus it gets pretty big, and looks like a mini tree almost.

When ever I see this one I always think this is a giant aloe vera plant, but actually it's called Agava.

This is a nopal cactus, sometimes called a prickly pear, because the fruit it produces look like prickly purple pears. I've also hear that if there is a major drought ranchers can burn their fields to get rid of the prickers, so their cattle can eat the fleshy part.

Here is one without prickers:)

As I see these things, it makes me so thankful that the Lord created such a variety of life, thats not only fun to discover but has so many different uses.

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Anonymous said...

Good pics, but where's the quilt? ;o}