Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer 2010 Update!

I'm definitely not the best blogger in the world, but! I have a good reason, somehow I've been unable to get into my blog for over 6 months now. Anyways problem solved:).

This past spring, I graduated from New Tribes Bible Institute, it seems strange not to be packing up right now and heading back to school. But I'm truly grateful for the time I did have there, and the teaching I was able to have for the past 2 years.

This summer I've been able to work a good amount, most of which has been at the greenhouse up the street from my house, which is nice, because there are no transportation costs to worry about, just a little extra exercise.
Also the house needed a paint job, so my parents hired me:) so in-between the greenhouse and house cleaning, I've been working on that project

this past week I was able to spend some quality with my oldest sister, Laurie. part of the time we were at Hampton beach. this is a picture from earlier this summer when my parents and I took a trip to see some professional sand sculptures in Hampton.

This is Gretta, one of my hiking buddies, though she's out of commission for the time being due to surgery:(. I've enjoyed being able to hike a bit this summer, with my friend Rebecca.

My friend Hannah and I at my brother-inlaws, Curtis, wedding.

so that is some of what's been going on this summer:). this fall I'm heading to Mexico with my sister, Beth, and her family, to give them a hand as they move into a tribal location. I will update more on that as plans come together.

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leigh said...

Leah - I love the pic of your graduation. Tell Kerry she looks just like Mom in that picture - especially the hair!!!

Love ya