Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall School Picnic

This past week end was our school picnic! it's just a time when the whole school can just relax, enjoying spending some time with people, and theres always fun activities too, like we played soccer for a good while:
and theres time to get some study in as well! it's kind of nice to be outside all day too:)

this is my dean, jaqualene,  and a couple of friends from school

 theres always a vollyball game going
and slack lining! this seems to be the new thing, everytime we have a school function the slack line comes along too.

it's a really pretty park

we had a campfire, and sang worship songs as it got a bit later in the day


VioletRayne said...

Hello, what a beautiful place you picnicked at. Looks so calm and pretty. Unfortunately I don't have a place as picture postcard perfect as that anywhere near me.

Chrissy Chubb said...

Hey, looks like its time for a new blog post girly!! I want to know what's up with you!
Love you,