Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Lucys Puppys!!!

Last night Lucy finally decided to have her puppys, at about 9:50. she had them super fast too, in about 3 hours! she is also a super mom!

Puppy #1 Female Brindle, Maggie

Puppy #2 Male darker Wheaten, Col. Mustard

Puppy #3 Male lighter Wheaten, William Wallace

Puppy #4 Brindle Female

Puppy #5 Brindle Female, very pretty

Puppy #6 Black Male, Angus

Angus 2

Puppy #7 Red Brindle Male, Darby

Ok I know there are 7 puppy's in this picture but I think one must be buried!

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

awww....it brings back memories of Daisy when she was born...Shelly was my first dog, she had many litters (why do they call them litters...sounds derogatory), and Daisy was the one we kept out of the second or third litter. They grew to be best friends, and Daisy was with us till we moved...ahh the memories.