Friday, April 06, 2007

whats all that WHITE STUFF?!!!

So this past sunday it was very nice out, about 70 degrees and totally feeling like summer, so I'm thinking I'm going to have to start pulling out all the sumer clothes and thats always fun.
Well the next day it was a bit cooler not too bad mind you, and raining, sure sign of spring I'm sure.
Well the next day it rained too.
The next day it snowed. Hard. I mean we went from bare ground to about 12" of snow.
The next day it snowed again, not so hard this time we got maybe a 1/2 inch.
Oh well, so much for summer clothes, now don't get me wrong I love snow! but I love it in jan., feb. and march for the most part, but it sure is pretty in april too:

Elsa likes it too:)!


Curtis & Joanna said...

Nice pictures Leah, it snowed aa little today, but then it melted :) Hope it warms up!! Natalie wants to know if we are going to see you in Brazil!
Love, Joanna

Curtis & Joanna said...

Time for a new post??? :)