Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Painting, again!

Now before I started working on the girls room, I painted Ben and Ruths room. Why all this painting? Well, simply to help it feel like home! The house is painted, but every room is the same color, like a minty green. So now it's nice to walk down the hall and have a change of scenery in the back rooms:).
I know in the picture below it looks like I'm painting the room purple, I promise it's not! it's a slate blue once it dries, and very easy and fun to look at everyday!

Chloe is usually my main cheerleader while I paint, she comes to check on me and says "oh Auntie Leah! it looks SO good! you're doing such a good job!" She is a such sweet little girl, and loves to be an encourager and a help where she can:).


Anonymous said...

Good job, sweetie! Nice to see what you're doing. ;o}

JEves said...

Aw, give Chloe a hug for us. It has been nice to see some posts, I was beginning to wonder what was up! Love you, and hopefully you are not tired of painting when you get back here:-) your room here is looking for some TLC. No really, I'm looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks.