Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Isaiah Update!

Ok, here are some up to date pictures for all you Isaiah fans!
This month he found his tongue:)

And his smile:).


Anonymous said...

thanks, Leah - he is a cutie! And I love your work on the girls' room - might be a new career in the making - ;o}

Glidewell Family said...

Thanks Leah for all your good bloging on the Kanes. Isaiah sure has changed. his face has thinned out and now looks more like his sisters. Also thank for all your hard work taking care of the family and blessing them with your gifts and talents. I know Ruth is truly blessed to have an Awesome sister like you. Thanks for the update and we'll continue praying for the Kanes.
The G Fam.

Laurie said...

Love it! He's adorable. Can't wait to meet him.