Monday, April 11, 2011


Ok, so as I have said before, there are ALOT of bugs here, most of them being of unusually large size. Well, Indonesia also has it's own little natural bug killer, called a cicak (pronounced chee-chuck)! It's a little lizard that lives on the wall close to the ceiling, just waiting for a bug to fly in. In my room I have two that have decided to take up residence. At night they sort of chirp like a cricket, warning other cicak's to stay out of their section of ceiling:).
They do their job well, and aren't afraid to attack things their own size!

This is a grasshopper we found on our ceiling, and snagged it before our wiggly friends got the chance.
And this is the result of a hornets visit one afternoon, I guess he decided the dvd case was a good a place as any to build a nest!
I'm sorry to tell you, that I don't have any pictures of the big fuzzy spiders. You see every time I see one, their presence is just so overwhelming I can't seem to stay in the same room long enough to snap a shot!

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Anonymous said...

That's a handy little lizard to have around! ;o}