Saturday, March 05, 2011

A Not So Itsy Bitsy Spider...

In the past few days I have come to the conclusion, that I don't really care all that much for bugs. In general, they are fine, like regular little bugs, its ok, they crawl around and don't bother much. BUT... when I bee the size of a humming bird flies in to join dinner, I start to get little bit nervous (Indonesia is the home of the largest bee in the world). Then there are these spiders, spiders aren't my favorite fuzz balls to begin with, I guess they don't do too much damage hanging out on the porch. BUT... when they grow to the size of a desert dish and hang out on my bedroom ceiling fuzzy as can be, I call in the reserves (Usually this is my brother-inlaw, Ben:). Now to put the creepy crawlies aside, I just found out that Indo is home of the largest flower in the world, and who doesn't like flowers?! and with big flowers, I have also noticed that butterflies grow to unusually large size; today one fluttered by its wing span reaching 10 inches easy.
All that to say, life here is for sure different than the states, with fun little surprises around every corner. I haven't managed to capture these guys on film yet, but I will do my best:).
Yesterday Ruth and I decided to take the kiddos on a walk, and I happened to bring my camera along.
This is in front of the Kane residence, the car you see is right by the local church, it's nice to be able just to walk there on sunday mornings!

Addie has really been enjoying Isaiah and is always trying to make sure he is doing alright:)

The building right next to us is the church, it kind of looks like a lean-too, with open sides all the way around for ventilation.

Chloe and Gwen always stick close together, Addie tries to keep up, but usually ends up just running back and forth in front of Ruth and I.

This is Addie enjoying the neighborhood puppy, Sparkles, he is a favorite among the girls!

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Bethy said...

yay, (por fin!!!) so nice to see some fun pictures of your time over there and the kids w/ Ruthy. Keep them coming! Love you!