Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Fryeburg fair

We have been going to the Fryeburg fair as long as I can remember, I think that we only missed one year, and that was to try a different fair; we switched right back the next year:). Beth and I really wanted to go before leaving, because it's been a few years since either one of us has been able to go. It was a fun day, and it's fun to go and see things I remember from growing up.
Like this cow for instance, we have a picture of me just like this at a very similar age to Kiera, it's just kind of fun:).
Mabri was hesitant at first to pat the sheep...
but she warmed up to the idea pretty quick:)
Jonas and Dad
Beth and Kiddos in one of the expo buildings...
This little guy did great the whole day, he's a good baby:)
we stopped at this bridge on the way home to take our group picture, its a popular picture spot, and I'm sure you can see why:)

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Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! The one of us all at Chocora is great, nice memories for us all! Miss you guys - Mum