Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Life at NTBI...

Well I'm here at collage now! classes are going great now, I'm really enjoying them, and learning lots as well. I now know so many big words, I don't know what to do! here are a few pictures of life here at NTBI:

we went out to Ice Cream at the palor with our dorm brothers the other day:

this is my roomate Lauren on the left and my RA Marleyon the right: this is my other roomie, sam!

we love ice cream!

This is Leah and Tessa they are both in my dorm. we went bowling after the palor~
Leah C. and Leah J.!
we had our school social picnic on saturday, it was a really fun time~
Tessa and Me!

this is at the end of the day, I played soccer all day (we had tryouts) and was slightly crispy!
well thats all for now, I'll update later love you all!

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