Saturday, December 29, 2007


Well I won't be able to do much of this this winter, maybe I'll trade it in for surfing;) jk! One of the things I have been praying for this fall is a bunch of snow. because I knew I would really miss it while I'm in Papua New Guinea, and boy did the Lord ever answer that prayer! we have had four of five major storms this fall already, more than the total for the entire year last winter!

Ok here is the second storm, or maybe it's the fifth one, anyway it's the second one I took pictures of!
the backyard is extremly pretty after a storm;)!

oh folks, this is it for a while, sometime in april I'll put up some PNG picures for you all!


Jonathan said...

Great Pics Leah! I have to remember to get up early after a storm sometime & do this.
n meeting new friends :) Here she is dressing up as tinker be
Praying for you in PNG (and a bit jealous).

Glorify Christ with your Guinean brothers & sisters!

Curtis & Joanna said...

Time to start blogging again!!