Friday, September 22, 2006


I GOT MY LICENSE!!!!!!I got a 95 in my over all class average and a 96 on my final, 100 on the state written test, and then on the driving test....well I got 13 points off and all you can get is 20 but hey I made it!the reason is she told me to take a right and I kept going straight..... I don't know why I just did... so anyhoo it's over now and I have my license!
I know that you guys want to see moms new little kipper but she is not very photogentic so I'll put one on as soon as we get a good one.


Anonymous said...

Hey Leah,
Congratulations! How is it going so far??

Laurie said...

Great job Leah!! Please don't take after Ruth or me. Love you, Laurie

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Now you can come and visit us any time you want! Sweet! :)