Friday, July 07, 2006

Oh Canada...

Hey everyone!
I'm in canada! I got here about a week ago and had been just hanging out at Jo and Curtis's house, until staff training started this past wensday! well it was a good time, extremly long, but I learned alot about being a counserlor, so if I ever need that now I know haw to be one! tomorrow is the first day that I'll actaully be working with kids and stuff, well mostly the horses but we'll be giving the kids rides because it's the little munchkins that are coming in. alright well I think thats all for now!


Anonymous said...

Hi Leah - Lucy misses you as do I! Hope your time will be fun and a blessing to all, Love, Mom

Ben & Ruth said...

Hey Leah! Hope all is well at Camp!!! :) We'll miss you ton's at the home front. Isn't Canada Great!?


Curtis & Joanna said...

Hey loopy,
bout time to update don't yeah think?? :)